Every single love story, every single couple and every single memory made inside a Berkeley Events venue is something we treasure. We understand the momentous decisions that led towards a couple choosing one of our venues to celebrate their future with their loved ones.

We have had the honour of hosting many beautiful couples over the years and we want to feature a few of their stories to inspire others to dream of their own special days.

Meet Sarah and Josh…

Wedding Feature: Sarah & Josh

Tell us a bit about your love and engagement stories.

Josh and I met in 2014 when we both started a pre-health science program in the hopes of becoming nurses. We went through that program and started our nursing program as best friends. We had clinical placements and graduated together as a couple which was quite a journey. Josh and I got engaged in December 2020. Josh had planned a “Christmas couples photoshoot”- stating it was part of my Christmas present. Little did I know that he had a plan to propose outside one of our favourite places – the AGO. Josh had wanted to propose in the AGO but due to covid restrictions at the time, he did it outside in Grange Park where we had many dates throughout our relationship. It was an amazing surprise and something we will both cherish for the rest of our lives.

Wedding Feature: Sarah & Josh

what attracted you to Berkeley Events?

Josh and I attended a wedding in June 2018 at the Berkeley Fieldhouse. We were instantly captivated by the amazing downtown location that encapsulated such an intimate vibe. The service, setting, and venue were all impeccable. My favourite memory of our first time at Berkeley was taking a bite of the chorizo stuffed Cornish hen and never forgetting how great it was.

Wedding Feature: Sarah & Josh

What attracted you to the Fieldhouse?

We fell in love with the Fieldhouse for many reasons. We absolutely loved the location and the layout of the venue. We are both people who love downtown Toronto and have lived here both separately and together for almost a decade. So having a venue in the heart of the city was ideal. We love the indoor/outdoor aspect of the Fieldhouse and how when in the venue you do not even feel like you are downtown, very unique. Lastly, we love the rustic but also modern elegant look the venue has. You do not have to do much to make this venue look good.

Tell us about your planning experience with the Berkeley team. Did they bring your vision to life?

Our planning experience with Derek Drapala was a vision. He was the most attentive and hard worker and felt honored to work with him. Derek helped us incorporate our vision and led us in the proper direction with his own expertise and personal experience being in the industry. We never felt pressured or persuaded to do anything we did not to do and felt like we had all the support we needed throughout.

Wedding Feature: Sarah & Josh

How would you describe the aesthetic of your wedding?

Our aesthetic was neutrals and greenery. Knowing how the Fieldhouse looked with minimal décor we wanted to encapsulate the venue’s unique touches. We had off-white linens, and mainly greenery as accent colors. We had gold as our main color with the greenery.

Wedding Feature: Sarah & Josh

How did the integral beauty of the venue enhance your vision or planning process?

As stated previously, the Berkeley Fieldhouse has such a unique look to it. The design of the building and the outdoor space that had greenery of its own, went with the theme and vision we wanted. The natural light of the reception hall is one of my our favourite aspects.

Wedding Feature: Sarah & Josh

Tell us about your experience with the Berkeley catering team. How would you describe the food on your big day?

As mentioned, before we even had our wedding at this venue the food and service was something that resonated with us. The food on our wedding day was absolutely amazing, we both go the braise short rib and we are still thinking about it to this day. Our friends and family told us numerous times that it was the best wedding food they ever had and continue to compare it to other weddings. The service was impeccable, on time, and seamless.

Wedding Feature: Sarah & Josh

How would you describe the photo backgrounds and opportunities on the venue property?

The Fieldhouse provides a unique back drop for numerous different styles of shots. The greenery of the outdoor area makes you feel like you are no longer in downtown Toronto. The treehouse is a fun unique area to take pics too which are very different. The venue’s interior provides classy photos with natural light.

Wedding Feature: Sarah & Josh

If you had to choose your top three favourite aspects of hosting your wedding at Berkeley, what would they be?

  1. The venue and location: as someone who lives downtown Toronto finding unique spaces in the core, is hard. Berkeley is absolutely breath taking and offers unique venues to fit so many different visions.
  2. The food: My husband and I are huge foodies so having high quality, beautifully plated food was a must. The food at Berkeley is 10/10. Amazing flavors and gorgeous plating with high quality ingredients was something that resonated well with us.
  3. Service and staff: Our experience at this venue was PERFECTION! There was no single time that either of us questioned the service or staff. Everyone was amazing, helpful, and it was obvious they were happy to be there. There really isn’t one bad thing I have to say, it was truly the best experience we could have had and we are so thankful for everyone there.
Wedding Feature: Sarah & Josh