The Berkeley Social

The Berkeley Social is a social community for creatives, entrepreneurs and young professionals with an interest in unique event experiences. Joining the Berkeley Social Club opens up the door to build connections with like-minded young professionals. Our goal is to curate a variety of memorable events for our valued members. We believe interacting with new people opens the door for fresh ideas and fosters new friendships. After all it is said, strangers are friends we haven’t met yet.

Membership is always free.

Memorable Event Experiences

Join the Berkeley Social Club and receive invites to great events at Berkeley venues, featuring music, art, food, and fashion. Refer your friends to book Berkeley venues and get CASH rewards*

*When you refer a friend, family member, or co-worker to Berkeley Events and they book one of our venues you will receive a CASH reward, starting at $200. Use your unique referral code to be eligible.

Upcoming Events

Soul Touch Sundays at

The Berkeley Bicycle Club

An adventure in music, dance and other forms of art at a beautiful vintage space.


Join us for the grand opening of SOUL TOUCH SUNDAY on Feb 9th for this adventure in art and proper music - funk, boogie, disco, soul, broken beat, rarities, cultural goodness, all things jazz-related, mid-80s to late 90s hip hop and occasional live acts or dance performances.

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