The perfect venue rental Toronto has to offer is right here with Berkeley Events. We have exactly what you’re looking for, even if you’re not quite sure what that is yet.


You want to rent a venue in Toronto but there’s so much to choose from in this incredible cosmopolitan city. Luckily, we’ve hand-selected six distinct event venues in Toronto offering unique features and exceptional service.


What event are you hosting? Berkeley Events can match you with the perfect venue whether you’re celebrating a wedding or featuring a media event. Our six fabulous venues each offer something distinct. Something your guests will marvel over. Something practical, traditional, funky or elaborate. Something rare and unavailable anywhere else in Toronto.


Host a private party, a product launch, a business gala, or a team building/strategy session. Discover grand spaces and intimate nooks in any one of these charming structures. With Berkeley Events you’ll find a venue rental Toronto doesn’t offer anywhere else. A perfect space for a small private party or a large corporate event, or a something in-between. Whatever your event, you can customize any of these venues to create your desired atmosphere–and we can help.


From Toronto’s historical Distillery District to Downtown King Street, our six eclectic venues deliver charm, distinction, and refinement. Stone walls and rustic wood floors. Centuries-old architecture. Natural gardens outside of glass solariums. Intimate spaces. A palatial mezzanine and stained glass windows. Modern and edgy or contemporary, minimalist design–all with first-class service and catering.


Naturally, you want the focus of your event to be your event. That’s why this diverse collection of venues offers a combination of features so you can decide how much flare, historic charm, and contemporariness you want. After all, an art-deco chandelier should enhance the ambience of your event, not distract from it. We know you don’t just want to rent a venue in Toronto, you want to create an unforgettable event.


A Preview of Our Fabulous Six



Historic and charming, the Berkeley Church is an ideal venue for a large event. Featuring a classical mezzanine, stained glass windows, and an enclosed courtyard, your guests will be enchanted with the traditional architecture here. Constructed in 1871 in the middle of cosmopolitan Toronto, Berkeley Church offers small, intimate spaces for mingling with a glass of champagne. This captivating venue is ideal for weddings and large, corporate events.



Voted the best event space in Toronto, Airship 37 offers a unique layout and minimalist decor that can be customized to suit your event and taste. Situated in Toronto’s historic Distillery District, Airship 37 features an impressive hangar with industrial style architecture ideal for a variety of functions. An eclectic outdoor patio allows for a natural comfortable flow of movement. This is a perfect contemporary space to place your event at the centre of attention.



A quaint and intimate venue, this remarkable historic mansion was once home to a famous Toronto family. It offers charm, sensational old-world architecture, and a glass solarium that brings the essence of the outdoors in. Berkeley Bicycle Club is kissed with elegance and modern decor, perfect for a private party or small wedding.



La Maquette is a unique, vintage space, offering an edgy art deco design, ideal for a large wedding or party. A large solarium overlooks Toronto’s famous sculpture garden–a delightful conversation piece for your guests. Rated one of Toronto’s most romantic wedding spots, La Maquette can also be customized for a corporate event. This large, two-story venue offers both a funky and traditional space for your formal engagement.



Quaint and charming, the Berkeley Field House is the quintessential space for a moderate-sized wedding. With natural gardens and rustic decor, you and your guests will delight in the unique features of this charming venue. A tree house and creek are both reminiscent of an historical neighbourhood in the midst of a world-class urban metropolis. The Berkeley Field House is a delightful venue rental to feature your special event.

Which Venue Is Right For Your Event?


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