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Business Meeting Spaces

Do you want to grow your business and keep its energy alive? Well, if you want to be different then you’ve got to do different. Innovation doesn’t usually happen inside a white-walled box. Of all the meeting venues Toronto has to offer, only a select few are going to help you sign your next deal or pump your team up to the next level.

You Want a Unique Corporate Meeting Space.

Something to feed your business with the superfood it craves, to charge up its energy and creative powers. A vibrant, think tank where you and your colleagues can simultaneously chill out and get down to business. Something that inspires you.

Convention-al centres just don’t make the grade anymore. Make your next meeting space in Toronto a place where you can achieve solutions, empower your employees, collaborate effectively. Turn simple roundtable discussions into creative brainstorming. Streamline video conferences with WIFI and the most sophisticated IT in town. Eat a delicious lunch with delectable onsite catering.

Tear down the white walls of ordinary, stuffy corporate business and feed some life back into your strategy sessions.

Whether you’re committed to being the next Fortune 500 company, or you’re a small start-up business, we’ve got a network of unique corporate meeting spaces for the ambitious entrepreneur or venture capitalist.

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Berkeley Innovation Centre

You want to make an impression with a new or potential client. Don’t bore them with the watered-down drip coffee and sweaty plastic chairs of yesteryear business meetings. Give them a rich, Italian-made roast with creamy froth and a designer armchair. The Berkeley Innovation Centre (BIC) located inside the Berkeley Bicycle Club is Toronto’s new ingenious “think space”. BIC offers three cutting-edge spaces in Downtown Toronto, dedicated to small-scale meetings.

La Maquette

Situated in Downtown Toronto on King, this unique meeting venue features two stories for split sessions or multiple meetings. Whip up some vibrant energy and enthusiasm at your next corporate event by hosting it in a space that’s unique, modern, trendy, and situated right at the doorstep of Toronto’s Financial District.


Urban-industrial architecture is featured at this one-of-a-kind space. But it’s minimalist design means you can work distraction free. Airship 37 is an ideal forum for a big business event. Whether you’re hosting a car showcase, symposium or a series of workshops, the 2500 square foot hangar will accommodate and inspire up to 180 attendees seated.

1871 Berkeley Church

This is your ideal venue for an epic business gathering. Its large, classical mezzanine features rich, warm decor and architecture that will make your attendees think anything is possible. Incite their imagination, motivate their spirit, inspire their ambition. Berkeley Church is the ideal venue for big business.

Berkeley Field House

How many focus groups have you attended where you could stroll beside a creek or hang out in a treehouse during a break? Enjoy relaxed sessions in a comfortable home-like space where you can zone-in on biz.

Achieve more than you thought possible at your meeting. Stoke some new ideas and re-energize existing methods inside a unique corporate meeting space.

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