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Photoshoot & Filming Locations

Filming Locations in Toronto are Some of the Best in the International Film Industry

As Toronto becomes more vivid on the global visual-arts landscape, producers are scouting film venues, now widely known in the industry as filming locations, that are distinct and versatile but also meet practical requirements.

Location scouting is a critical pre-production step in the filming industry. Even if you’re shooting a low-budget film you want a high-quality finished product, so a mediocre location won’t suffice. Your film has a story and a story’s setting will affect how deeply it resonates with an audience. How do you wish to tell your story? What setting does your script demand?

A visual feast of historical buildings, trendy locales, and a corporate Wall Street-like appeal, Toronto fits the bill as a prime location for many film genres and storylines. The city is also a superb backdrop for still photos, with multiple indoor places for photoshoots scattered throughout its numerous pockets. Toronto has been home to some internationally-acclaimed films shot in locations such as Casa Loma and the University of Toronto.

But Some of the Best Filming Locations in Toronto are Less Obvious

If you’re looking for something a little less travelled and easier on your budget but rich in the unique qualities that make Toronto’s most sought-after places desirable, you can stop here. Berkeley Events has five photoshoot locations in Toronto that also offer unbounded filming possibilities, each one providing deletable onsite catering for keeping the energy up during long shoots.

1871 Berkeley Church

This historic relic in Old Toronto stands proudly amid quaint urban streets and majestic oaks. A rustic brick facade, grand front entrance, and antique stained glass windows comprise a classic exterior, ideal for a time piece. A creative eye will appreciate the wrap-around mezzanine that offers a unique perspective of the main ballroom. An adjoining courtyard provides outdoor shooting space in warm weather. With splendid acoustics and a spacious interior, Berkeley Church fits the bill for one of the more unchartered filming locations Toronto offers.

La Maquette

Flooded with natural light through the glass facade and second-floor solarium, La Maquette offers a world of film and photo possibilities. Play with light and shadow within its spacious interior featuring vintage art deco design. Outdoors, Toronto’s famous sculpture garden presents a unique landscape and natural backdrop for incredible photo opportunities. Whatever your story, you have the space and inspiration to bring it to life with La Maquette.

Berkeley Bicycle Club

A gorgeous Godfather-like replica, this century home was once owned by the famous Gooderham Family of Toronto. Featuring a warm, polished interior comprised of multiple rooms with rich wood wainscotting and leaded windows, you’ll discover an ideal space for photoshoots and dramatic films at Berkeley Bicycle Club. This location also lends well to dialogue-based documentaries and historical fiction.

Berkeley Field House

Cast your film or photoshoot in this historic darling bursting with country carriage charm. This quaint urban house aligns naturally with several story lines and offers an ideal space for filming indoors or outside. Weave your story around the treehouse, meandering creek and natural gardens, or capture your subject amid breezy white walls, French doors and wooden floors.

Airship 37

Airship 37 has been home to several celebrity photoshoots, art exhibits, and industry events. It has a distinct, minimalist design that invites creativity and flexible arrangement so your production will run smoothly. Airship 37 also meets one of the main considerations in choosing a filming location: Adequate space. The large hangar, high ceilings, and cool industrial-style features appeal to postmodern photo endeavours and offers a palette of filming possibilities.

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