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Young Professional Network

What is The Hip Haus and what sparked its creation?

The Hip Haus was created for young professionals by young professionals. It is a way to connect like-minded individuals in a relaxed atmosphere to foster professional development and build relationships among peers. Our events are open to everyone – of all ages, of all industries. We always expect a diverse range of industry professionals, from entrepreneurs to musicians, IT professionals to accountants – all industries are considered equal at The Hip Haus.

We started the Hip Haus in 2014 because we discovered there was no meeting place like this for others in the same boat as us. It was either networking at events within our industry or with higher-level individuals who didn’t take us seriously because of our age. When the concept was implemented, there were no free networking events in Toronto solely focused on young professionals, which allowed us to accelerate our growth and start building loyal attendees.

How has the event changed over the past years?

From inception to now, we’ve grown into one of the largest networking events not only in Toronto but throughout Canada. In the early stages of The Hip Haus we dabbled in different ideas to figure out what concepts worked best at our event and what didn’t. One concept that didn’t work for us was having speakers. We found it broke up the flow and momentum of our events and our guests were more focused on meeting each other. By experimenting with these various elements at an early stage, we’ve been able to learn and work to provide our guests with the experiences they are looking for. We’ve kept the main focus of our events relatively consistent by supporting young professionals and providing an environment for them to engage and build off one another.

As the popularity of The Hip Haus events continues to grow, so do our ideas. We are always thinking of fresh ideas to grow the brand. Since we’ve been able to set a solid foundation for the organization, our goal is to continue to provide these events while adding unique and exclusive offerings.

Hip Haus

What are the main factors contributing to the success and mass following of Hip Haus?

One of the primary factors that have paved the way for The Hip Haus’ success is our dedicated organizational team. We constantly work collaboratively to make sure everything runs smoothly leading up to each event and the day of. Our team is consistent in ensuring all marketing and promotions are regularly shared online for a few weeks leading up to the event. Through our reach and the large social networks The Hip Haus has developed over the years, we have developed not only a loyal audience but are continuously attracting new members to our organization.

Another factor we’ve found to have sustained our success is our attendee’s comfort and loyalty to the event. Once you’ve been to The Hip Haus, you know you’re apart of something bigger. Other ‘Hip Haus-ers’ welcome you with open arms and show you the ropes. In this regard, our attendees become our brand ambassadors. They make people feel welcome and happy to be apart of the team, and that in turn makes them return and pay it forward. We would not be The Hip Haus, without our amazing attendees.

How do you remain innovative and attractive to existing and new members?

We are constantly brainstorming new ideas and striving for new ways to bring innovation to our members. Since we are young professionals ourselves, it’s easy to step into the mindset of our target audience and fully understand what they’re looking for and how to bring it to them. Our objective this year is to expand both geographically and create new “experience” based networking events, where young professionals can take the skills they have learned at our free monthly events and implement them to build strong business relationships.

What role does Venue selection play in your events?

Choosing the right venue is crucial to our event success. Since we have gathered such a large audience, our venue choice is largely determined by the capacity available in order for hundreds of guests to feel comfortable all at once. We like to pick interesting venues that we feel represent The Hip Haus brand well. While there are plenty of spaces around the city, it is our goal to hold our events at spaces that are more than just a space, they are an experience (much like the spaces under Berkeley Events). It is also important for us to consider the flow of traffic and layout of the space – since our event is free and guests can walk in and out, it is important for us to manage how many guests are in attendance and ensure everyone is satisfied with their experience.


A conversation with Meira Khosla, Brand Manager The Hip Haus. To experience The Hip Haus first hand come join them on March 21, 2018, @ Maquette, 111 King St. E Doors Open at 5:00PM RSVP


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