Toronto concert venues are abundant. This world-class, eclectic city is home to some incredible local music talent. And it’s also a mecca in the international arts scene, from the Toronto Film Festival, to the International Beaches Jazz Festival, to the startlingly high number of Broadway musicals featured at the city’s most popular concert venues. Toronto has been the birth city of many popular artists and musical productions. If you’re searching for a hip and well-appointed small music venue, Toronto has some excellent choices. Perhaps you want to pump up your jam and rock a major performance. For a larger concert venue, Toronto also offers a number of options.

Feeling Overwhelmed…Save That for the Music.

Indoor concert at 1871 Berkeley Church

We know you just want to get the show on the stage so to speak, so we’ve done the homework for you. There’s no reason to spend multiple hours searching through the pile of venues available in this massive metropolis. At Berkeley Events, we’ve diligently selected three incredible venues with architecture not only stunning to the eye, but built to house sound like their walls are begging for it. So, stop your search here and explore these three rockin’ options for Toronto concert venues. Whether you’re hosting a modest, exclusive performance or planning a music extravaganza for a larger audience, we’ll help you in the right direction. Just follow the music and rave on…

If you want to create a big sound and an impressive performance, consider this historical gem in Downtown Toronto. Of all Toronto concert venues, 1871 Berkeley Church reigns as one of the most eclectic and sought-after spaces for featuring both local and international talent. Toronto’s own Barenaked Ladies rocked a massive international musical event here just last year for WE Charity that made headline news and captured the ears and hearts of the near 600-guest audience.

Outdoor concert at Berkeley Field House
Fun concert at Berkeley church toronto

This venue is a well-known and highly-regarded historical landmark in Old Toronto. One of its greatest features is its historical stage, which makes it a perfect space to house local Toronto talent and internationally recognized artists.

This gorgeous structure was built to house sound and its incredible interior lends to acoustics and a mesmerizing sound experience that will enrapture an audience.

Spacious enough for a large music event, 1871 Berkeley Church captures stadium concert sound but evokes a more intimate, familiar vibe. Whether you’re featuring jazzy blues, rock ’n roll, classical music, or hip-hop, fully-wired or totally unplugged, 1871 Berkeley Church is right on the beat. It’s hip, elegant, and historic–a quintessence of Toronto vibe and culture. Accommodates 580 standing guests or 330 seated.

You won’t find bicycles at this place unless you’ve crafted some nifty guitars out of old bike parts! What you will find is a romantic, intimate space ideal for a small, exclusive musical performance. Once a mansion belonging to a prosperous Toronto family, Berkeley Bicycle Club is now a hip urban relic and a perfectly designated small music venue, Toronto style. Home to Jazz on Jarvis every Monday, it features the soulful music of some of Toronto’s premier jazz artists.

Concert at Airship 37
Outdoor concert downtown toronto

This premium concert venue really has its own beat. Airship 37 is situated in South Toronto’s trendy Distillery District. It’s a historical structure with a contemporary facelift and a concert venue Toronto locals rave about. The interior boasts an impressive hangar and industrial style architecture with just the right amount of sound absorption to lend itself to an incredible acoustic experience. It’s a moderate sized space that is easily customized to fit any theme because of its clean, modern design. If you want to keep things simple and avoid aesthetic distractions, this is the place for your jam. Airship 37 accommodates 470 standing guests or 180 seated.


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