As the holiday season is approaching, it’s time to start thinking about hosting those corporate events. From an intimate gathering with your colleagues to a special black tie event for the entire company, there are numerous benefits to throwing a holiday party with Berkeley, which we’ll explain in this article. Find out how to celebrate the holidays with Berkeley. Let’s dive in!

Why having a holiday party is a ‘must’ for every company?

If you’ve never thrown a holiday party or even a corporate event before, you may not understand whether it is worth it. We are here to say – yes, it is! Not only will it uplift your employees and teammates – but it is also an opportunity to showcase your office, celebrate accomplishments from the year, and so much more.

By throwing a get-together with your teammates, you will encourage a sense of community and a feeling of hopeful positivity for the coming year. Holiday parties are typically something that most people eagerly anticipate. Even after the event has passed, it leaves memories which will be cherished for a long time.

These past few years haven’t been easy for anyone, so hosting a corporate event now is more important than ever. Take time to recognize individuals who have put in extra effort to make your company strive.

Planning a corporate event with Berkeley

The restrictions of the last two years and the lack of in-person events have eased so it is once again time to truly enjoy everything that comes with corporate parties. However, if you are not a seasoned pro at event planning, organizing one can seem daunting and overwhelming. By choosing the services of the Berkeley team, you can rest at ease knowing that our venue coordinators have everything covered.

We’ve got indoor and outdoor spaces for presentations, networking, mix and mingles, and so much more. Unlike other event spaces, we’ve got three transformative downtown Toronto venues to suit your specific needs. Our venues can accommodate groups ranging in size from 50 to 650 guests so you can choose a space that fits the needs of your company the most.

Each of our venues offers flexibility and functionality in unique spaces that you can’t find elsewhere. Have you ever attended a corporate party in a historical church? With Berkeley Events, you can!

Great food and party planning in one place

It is no secret food plays a huge role at any party. After all – there is no way you can have fun with an empty stomach! At Berkeley Events, we take food seriously. Our accomplished culinary team led by Executive Chef Myra Nair and an extensive menu will ensure every event is one to remember.

Whether you are looking for canapes, sit-down meals, or fresh cocktails, our 5-star kitchen can make all your gourmet dreams come true. We focus on delicious, locally sourced, fresh ingredients. To discuss a potential menu, reach out to our team!
A little party never killed anyone, right? Hosting a corporate event has several advantages. From increased employee morale to a greater sense of community – there is no question why throwing a holiday party should be on every company’s to-do list. We’d love to help you plan the perfect event! Contact the team at Berkeley Events here.