Twenty-twenty-two has been a busy year for Berkeley Events. With the pandemic slowing down and almost stopping the industry in 2020 and 2021, this year brought a lot of joy and many exciting happenings. While looking forward to 2023, let’s look back at all the wonderful events we hosted and the incredible people we had a chance to work with.

How was 2022 for Berkeley Events?

This year, we saw a major influx of events after the past few years of challenges. In fact, between April to December, we served more than 90,000 canapes! Impressive, isn’t it? In total, Berkeley Events was responsible for hosting 270 fantastic events. From beautiful weddings to exciting film and tv shoots, elegant galas, and even several awards–2022 was a clear showcase that our venues are well fitted for every type of happenings. Whether you wish to tie the knot with your loved ones or celebrate your business success–we have the best venues to do it.

Work with corporate clients

At Berkeley Events, we are thankful to have had many corporate clients choose our magnificent venues for their special occasions. Universal Music, La Roche Posay, ROLEX, Financial Horizons, and plenty of other successful companies had picked our services. Thank you for trusting us! We are also excited that our venues were used for several film and tv shoots. We’ve hosted Poutine Productions ULC for season 2 of the Sex/Life TV show, as well as Sagia Productions Inc. for season 1 of Glamorous and North Productions for Fellow Travelers mini-series. Berkeley Events was also proud to work together with Brave Productions, Ethereum Film LLC, and a number of other industry leaders.

Work with couples

Getting married is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life. It’s a day to cherish forever. We are incredibly thankful and happy to have been a part of more than 200 couples’ special occasions. In 2022, Berkeley Events opened its venues for more than 30,000 guests. It’s impossible to mention all the wonderful couples we’ve worked with, but from the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank you for sharing your magical moment with us! Each love story made inside our venue is something we treasure. For this reason, we’ve begun a new tradition–sharing the wedding stories of our beautiful clients to inspire others to dream of their own special days. Get insight into Sarah’s and Josh’s big day.

Our vendors

Berkely Events wouldn’t be possible without our amazing vendors, who ensure our clients can have thebest of everything. Thank you for always being there for us and making our event-planning dreams come true

Planning an event for 2023?

As 2022 is slowly approaching an end, now is the moment to book a place for your 2023 event. With three venues under our name, we are confident that we have the best option for your corporate function or private event. Our team will happily ensure your special occasion goes smoothly from start to finish. Contact us to learn more about our spaces and schedule a tour visit.

Have a wonderful New Year!