Botany Floral Studio

Created in 2014


Botany is a modern floral studio with a vintage touch, offering unique designs for weddings, events, and all occasions in Toronto and throughout the greater Toronto area.
Located in Downtown Toronto, Botany Floral Studio specializes in offering luscious, uncommon, and whimsical flower varieties.
All of our flowers and plants are hand-picked with the utmost care and we are dedicated to providing a healthy and beautiful alternative to traditional floristry. Our flowers are locally grown whenever possible, and always fresh and seasonal. We strive to be sustainable in our practices – treading lightly anyway we can.
At Botany Floral Studio planning and designing flowers is our passion. We understand that your wedding flowers should reflect your personal style and love for each other. We are keen to help you express all of this loveliness through exceptional and bespoke floral design. We offer Event Styling. Have us create tablescapes, custom pieces, and locate props for your one-of-a-kind wedding!

Most importantly, we make sure that YOU, our lovely client, are thrilled with your stunning wedding flowers!


Our Story

I am a prairie girl who found a city boy, started a family and moved to Toronto to open botany – our floral studio. My design credentials include: designing in flower shops across Canada for over a decade, running my own art & design business, Also, I hold a BFA degree in studio art and I am finishing up my Masters in Environmental Design.

I have an intense passion for flowers and all things botanical. When I look back I see where it all began …

My grandmother was an avid gardener who lived by the seasons. Whatever came of her garden she would use in her cooking, baking and preserving. How ironic that my generation is grasping onto these grassroots traditions, when it was a way of life for most of our grandparents.

Early every spring I would be in tow with her as she cultivated her huge backyard garden. I started to understand the garden, become familiar with flowers and plants returning to life every year. Through to harvest time, I was trotting alongside as she listed off flowers and vegetables. It became the basis of my vocabulary and my understanding of cyclical seasons, earth and food.

My fondest memories: My brother and I climbing the huge apple tree, reaching for higher branches to hang from and apples to munch on. Watching my grandmother peal apples with a sharp blade, the skin falling delicately into a single coil. Learning about composting: “eggshells? yes! coffee grounds?? yes!! We put back what we take.” It was as much about returning nutrients back into her garden as it was giving back to the earth.

The pigeon coup left empty, but kept for memories of my grandfather. The long path cutting the yard directly down the middle, making every part of her garden accessible. The tall hollyhocks and their blood red and coral blossoms always swaying and sagging. The peonies rich with oozing sap and the ants crawling in and out of their petals.
I could watch her garden for hours.

My goal is that our flowers and gifts bring you these same feelings of nostalgia, warmth and love!
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